Here’s a throwback, depending on your definition of “throwback.” From a little over a year ago. But as anyone obsessed with the passage of time knows, you can change a lot in a year. Any sort of glancing thought backwards within my body of work isn’t light on cringes. I’ve got plenty of creations I’ve considered going out and burying in a deep hole in the yard. (And keyboard vomit I’ve considered deleting into oblivion.) Still, I gladly look back, and I make it a point to do so regularly. It’s an opportunity to index my strengths and weaknesses, to remind myself that I’m not shit after all, and to simply generate new ideas.

This quick portrait of one of my creative heroes is a nice reference point for me in times of uncertainty, frustration, and stagnation. Andy Partridge is a bit of a mad genius. Bursting with ideas. Touched with insecurity and self-deprecation. But just going for it. And talking a lot about it. Little tributes like this one are simple reminders to follow my weirdness at its weirdest. It’s a reminder that I need to ignore the bejesus out of that super self-critical monster in me that tries to rise up and eat me when I touch pencil to paper. It’s a reminder that all I need or anybody needs to do is just create. With enthusiasm and positivity. To put as many beautiful, singular things out into the world as I possibly can in this short lifetime.

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