Madness are too effing lovely. I love them so much it makes me frustrated. I recently bought myself The Rise and Fall and finally gave it a listen and– DUH– it’s a perfect, priceless BEAUTY. Here’s a whopping injustice: it was never released in the United States. Because it’s too English, probably. Marketing! Pfft! Nice try America, you philistine, but I’ve got e-commerce now. Ha-HA.

Anyway, my borderline deranged obsession with this sublimely talented group has resurfaced AND I OFFER NO APOLOGIES!!! Also, holy cow, they were young in their heyday. So young and so skilled. They were little, tiny babies! And I am an elderly woman. Oh well. NUTTY BOYS FOREVER!!!

“Well some men seek answers in bottles.
And others in degenerate ways.
But I don’t care much for the question.
Madness is all in the mind.”

Chas Smash aka Cathal Smyth aka Carl Smyth
 Suggs aka Graham McPherson
 Lee Thompson aka Kix aka El Thommo
 Bedders aka Mark Bedford
Barso aka Barzo aka Monsieur Barso aka Mike Barson
 Woody aka Dan Woodgate
 Chrissy Boy aka Chris Foreman
“But I’m not that way inclined.”

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