In the OMD documentary Souvenir, Andy McClusky talks about how he didn’t want to write standard love songs. So instead the group did songs about architecture, and oil refineries, and genetic engineering, and Joan of Arc. It’s a dorky, contrarian spirit that really hits home with me. They also just, in a very punk way, made sounds with whatever they could get their clever little hands on. Like a cheesy children’s keyboard. Then they layered those questionable noises and turned them into soaring, yearning epics like “Enola Gay.” How great is that?! Also: Andy’s sick dance moves. Furthermore: “Telegraph” is an awesome concept for a song, and the promo video is chock-full of so many cool, niche, visual tidbits. Like semaphore. COME ON!

“We’ve got telegraph, right across this land.
It doesn’t mean a damn thing.
We don’t understand.
But who needs telegraph anyway?”*

*commence dubious rhythmic convulsions

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