Yeah! It is an exhilarating kick in the rear when everything comes together willingly and you think you’ve worked out the formula for success. The formula changes as you change, of course, but still it’s nice. My little tribute to Edwyn Collins came together in an easy-going two weeks.

I’m running out of ways to say that I love smart, slightly off, heartfelt music with a sense of humor. But there, I guess that’s one. Edwyn is an inspirational figure for me because he was a non-singer singing really hard anyway, he was kind of camp, really witty, perverse. And, oh yeah, he draws too! Add to that that a man defined by his quick wit and knack for words had everything snatched away from him by two cerebral hemorrhages, he (and his loved ones) put the pieces back together again, and now he’s back at it anyway! What a guy! And Scottish!

Sketches and studies.

All laid out.

The satisfying art of drawing straight lines.

“Only my dreams satisfy the real needs of my heart.
I resist.”

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