I’m Amanda Casady. I’m a lover of the Offbeat. The Weird. I like old stuff. I’m a picturemaker, a stargazing realist idealist, an anglophile, a reticent yet chatty introvert. An animal friend, a nature lover, an optimist. A definite though mild obsessive-compulsive. Music, movies, and television are the air that I breathe. My animal companions are my significant others.

This blog is a record of my personal artwork and my creative processes. For 2012-2015, visit the original blog, There May Be No Golden Fleece. Here you’ll find:

  • General Artwork (generals and majors): Just art. Sketchbooks, sticky notes, etcetera, etcetera.
  • Daily Drawings (drawing-a-day): An ongoing effort to build spontaneity, discipline, and an intuitive sense of anatomy/ composition/ materials. One drawing a day, everyday.
  • Heavy Hitters (big time): Extensive projects.
  • Throwbacks (but i’m different now): Soppy reminiscences.

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